With a four hour bus trip ahead of us, I need loperamide. Stomach is very dodgy.

We eventually arrive at our lodgings, the royal palace of rural Karauli. First time I’ve ever stayed in a royal palace. It’s a beautiful, colonial building built in 1938 and set on large grounds. The foyer is elaborate and includes a stuffed tiger. The whole place includes lots of old taxidermy, photos, weapons and antiques. The large dining hall, and large courtyards make this an impressive building. It even has a full size billiard table! Although it does make me think that the fanciest places in India are those with the heaviest British influence. 

I was disappointed that I couldn’t make it to the City Palace http://www.karauli.com due to the havoc of the lower intestines. Which is a shame; as it is supposed to be stunning.

I meet the group and we walk through the town of Karouli, which is a beautiful and rustic village. But my guts are not well and I’m struggling! Karni takes us to a hindu ceremony at Madan Mohan, a 300 year old Hindu Temple to Lord Krishna. We watch a hindu ceremony which was special as this was not something we could have seen without a guide. Two men bang gongs, as the congregation chant, pray and bow. It’s a magical atmosphere that is added to by the monkeys running across the fibreglass roof. After the main ceremony, the young Hindu women sit around and sing together. Quite a beautiful moment.

Back to the hotel, one of the group offers me two anti-bacterial tablets. I took one that night, and one the next morning. Dinner again is dal and rice. The room I stayed in was marble, with beautiful old twin beds. Reminded me of the traditional place I stayed in Xitang in China.


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