Sunday and the last day of the festival.

Swimming trunks and hawaiian shirt on and David, Sunny and myself are off to meet Trine at the pool. Cabana chairs were $250 for the day, and already booked out a year ago, so we perched on the edge of the pool and admired the scantily clad rockabilly ladies and a huge amount of tattoos of widely varying quality.

The sun was warm, and with my hawaiian shirt flapping open in the cool breeze, I walked around the pool of stylish people. A wild surf instrumental band played, the ladies lined up for the swimsuit competition, I took another sip from my margarita, and all was good in the world. I wonder what the weather was like in London.

Anyway, I’d been in Las Vegas for a few days now, and hadn’t gambled. So eschewing the swimsuit competition, I went to the poker rooms. The process was all new to me, and I must admit, I felt a little intimidated. Firstly, you have to provide ID, which they take away and eventually return with your casino card. Then you buy your chips and select which game you want to play. No limits Texas Hold ’em is what I’m used to, but decided to play cautiously, buy $20 worth of chips and play a limits game. I then put my name down on a waiting list until a seat at a table is available. Then when I sit down, I need to familiarise myself with the protocol and betting in a limits game, and I want to focus. The people I’m play against are friendly and chatty and want to talk to me about the VLV festival, where I’m from, where to go in Australia, and all sorts of chit chat. This is kind of nice, but I want to concentrate, and I’m not at all relaxed or confident with this game yet. I don’t think they were trying to put me off my game, they were just being friendly. They were also mostly locals who were spending their usual Sunday afternoon gambling. A few poor hands, then a good hand which I lost, and I’m feeling kinda tense. Eventually I relax into it, and start to hit my game. I won a big hand, was $10 up and David texts me to say they’re just around the corner. I cash out an go to meet them. Not exactly high-stakes gambling, and whilst the first part of gambling was new and unfamiliar to me, I feel “in the zone” now, and want to go back. Damn it’s addictive.

I missed the jive contest, but caught up with Trine, who won the damned thing! Well done Trine! Here is her winning dance.

The Delta Bombers and Gizzelle were the musical highlights of the day. Plenty more booze, and some more dancing, but it’s been a long day, and a long festival of drinking, so my urge to party is waning.

Tomorrow I leave Vegas for a short flight to LA, transfer, then back to London and work. Holiday is over, but at least I leave Vegas having a minor win at gambling, and having completed a great road trip, a memorable adventure and my first Viva Las Vegas.

Hasta la vista!


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