What to do in Vegas during the day time? This is definitely a night-time city. But I thought I’d check out the old town and Fremont Street where all the old casinos are. They definitely has a better retro charm than the modern hotels, but I hear that they don’t have the space to host bands and dancing, hence why Viva Las Vegas is in The Orleans hotel. I wandered around a little, checked out some shops, but there wasn’t much of interest, so back to The Orleans to do some clothes shopping, where I snapped up a killer hawaiian shirt, some camel colour trousers, and a smart shirt. Caught up with David and Sunny and went bowling. They were playing rockabilly music through the PA, which we assumed were records, until the singer walked past us in his orange jacket and microphone. The guy was MCing the bowling lanes and signing karaoke. Very odd.

Home to change into evening wear and off to a recommended tiki bar called Frankie’s. It’s a single story block of concrete with no windows, and a car park and a huge neon sign on the side. Inside it was gloomy and dark with the main lights from the poker machines built into the bar. Cocktails were average and expensive, and there was no food. But the decor was very tiki with bamboo cladding on the walls, and tikis and fugus around the place.

Back to The Orleans and we queue to get into the Irish bar to see Danny B Harvey (of Headcat amongst others). We’ve seen massive queues outside this bar and are concerned about the capacity. After queuing (or standing in line as the Yanks call it) for quite a while, we get in, and it’s at about 75% capacity. Why we needed to queue is lost on me.

Danny B Harvey is looking every bit the middle aged rock-star and he has some young floozies hanging around him. Turns out one is his wife, niece of Jerry Lee Lewis and the singer for his band. She is incredibly good looking and has the rock ‘n roll credentials, but isn’t the best singer. Danny’s band is rockin’ though!

Ezra Lee from Australia rocked a mean honky tonk piano in one of the ballrooms. Definitely recommended https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzwfNDyDRY8

Little Mo and the Dynaflows were smoother than a teflon-coated shark suit. Doo Wop isn’t my favourite, but these guys were mesmerising with their close harmonies, sharp outfits and some killer tunes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE8mK2Jkjys

Drinks were flowing and I ran into Shane and Elaine, and then Mike briefly, but it all became a bit of a blur…


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