I’d planned it so that I’d stay in Flagstaff on Tuesday night, on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Then ride down Route 66 to Kingman to the west side of the canyon Wed night, with close proximity to the Sky Wall on the west side, continuing on to Las Vegas on Thursday. But I decided that I didn’t want to do the Sky Walk, I wanted to do a helicopter flight instead. So looking up flights on the west side, the Sky Walk website recommended a place, so I put it into the Sat Nav and set off. Weirdly it was sending me eastwards back to Flagstaff, but I figured that was just a short eastward journey, before sending me to the canyon. Alas, this was not the case and after 2 hours riding, I’m back to Flagstaff and the southern rim. The helicopter flight was amazing, with loads of great photos and videos which don’t do it justice. Our pilot was Dusty, a veteran of 14 years from the army. He didn’t look old enough to have done anything for 14 years, but he had a steely, hardened look to him that was not to be messed with.

Some videos of the flight:

Taking off

First view


Anyway, I was now back in Flagstaff and had to ride the 2 hours back to Kingman, then up to the Hoover Dam and on to Vegas. So 4 hours behind schedule now, I skip Hoover Dam and head straight into Vegas. I cruise around for a while trying to find the main strip so I can shoot some video on my newly acquired Muvi camera. I’ve edited 44 mins of video, down to this.

I drop the Harley back at the hire shop, and I’m sad to say goodbye. That was an unforgettable trip and I’m disappointed that it’s ending. I get a taxi back to my hotel, the quaintly named Excalibur, which is a behemoth of a monstrosity of gambling, commercialism, and Ye olde world Renaissance Festival.

Freshen up then head to The Orleans, where Viva Las Vegas is being held. Since I’m staying on the same street, I try to walk there. This is apparently not done in this town and I end up stuck on the multi-lane highway. So I walk back to the hotel a get a taxi.

Meet up with David and Sunny, then Trine and we tear up the dance floor. Always great fun dancing with Trine! Meet up with Kate, Suzie from Australia and their mates. But I’m fading and after a disorientingly vague wander around The Orleans, I get a taxi back to The Excalibur for another disorientingly vague wander around this hotel before collapsing into bed.


5 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas

    1. Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s horses for courses. The Harley is the bike for long road trips through the countryside but it’s too cumbersome for the city. That needs a more nimble cafe racer like the Triumph. But one day I will own a Harley.

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