Death Valley (Nevada) to Zion (Utah) to Page (Arizona) today. Longest ride of the trip.

Beef jerky and instant coffee for breakfast, and I want to take it slow to start off as weather is cold and I want the engine and tyres to get up to temperature. But before I know it I’m at 95, do figure I push for the ton and then ease off.

I pass a place called Dennis Hof’s Area 51 Alien Center, Gas, Brothel, Diner, open 24/7. I’ve got to admit that I’m more than a little intrigued. But no time to stop.

The most dramatic thing for the ride was that the teeth are falling out of the zip to my motorbike jacket. I can’t do it up now and this will be a big concern for wind and rain. Contemplating duct tape in the short term and a repair visit to Lewis Leather when I’m back in London.

I’ve really settled into the ride now. I’m comfortable with the bike and calculating when I need to fill up. So my mind is at ease. I let it wander. At times I sing to myself, other times I think of romantic adventures, sometimes my mind is blank as I appreciate the scenery and fall into a meditative state at 100 miles an hour. Just me, my jacket and this helmet against the elements and wind. And if I were to come off, it’s just me against the tarmac. But despite this ever present danger, I feel at peace.

The rest of the morning’s ride is uneventful. I pass from Nevada into Arizona, then into Utah. As I near Zion, the scenery gets more dramatic and picturesque. I stopped at Zion National Park and caught the shuttle bus tour. Didn’t have time to do much trekking, but the scenery is stunning!

Here’s some footage I shot.

Beef jerky and water for lunch. I’m feeling somewhat like an explorer with limited rations of basic food. Except for that bear claw I had a the first fuel stop, and that corn dog I had at the second.

From Zion, I ride through to Page and check into my very pleasant hotel. Directly opposite is a Texan BBQ joint with smoke houses and giant kettle BBQs out the front. As I arrive the country band starts playing and some locals are line dancing. Refuelled myself on Ribs, brisket, beer, bourbon, potato salad and some Johnny Cash and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Met a chap from Vancouver and had a few more beers with him, then home to end this day of pure Americana!


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